Friday, June 24, 2011

Prayers still needed....

It seems some new problems have arisen with my SIL. Yesterday, though MUCH improved, the hospital staff and a visiting friend of my BIL and SIL noticed SIL was getting confused and saying the wrong thing, such as calling her dh by my dh's name occasionally, etc. They did several scans, some with contrast dye, and as of the last scan, it appears my SIL has four very small blood clots in her brain which the doctors believe to be the cause of her current issues. As of now, they aren't sure if the damage (confusion, etc.) she's experiencing is permanent or whether it will eventually improve.

Please continue to pray and/or send good vibes/thoughts for her that she makes a full recovery and can soon go home to her dh and new baby.


DA xx


  1. Prayers winging your families way.

  2. More positive thoughts for you and your family.

    Do they still think this is related to the labor and delivery of her baby? People have this misconception that childbirth is easy-peasey because of all the drugs that we have at our fingertips, but in reality, childbirth is still dangerous.

    I am thinking more positive thoughts for your SIL. I know she will make it through. She has a new little baby who needs her, I know she'll be home soon to take care of that baby.

  3. @ Jonsi - Yes, they believe it's related to the epidural she had. The puncture didn't seal like it was supposed too which caused her spinal fluid levels to drop due to the leak. Not sure if the subsequent brain clots are due to that as well or if they are a by-product of the blood patch procedure they did to stop the spinal fluid leak.