Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Honestly, I am getting so sick and tired of the whiny little bitches all over Facebook and elsewhere who get their panties in a snit because someone dares voice their opinion. Mind you, THEY are allowed to voice THEIR opinions whenever the hell they damn well feel like it but let me dare to take the same right for myself and suddenly the whining, pissing and moaning starts.

Case in point, my aunt N. My GM posted as her status something to the effect of, "Does anyone think that Romney sings better in that new ad than Justin Bieber does?" A couple people responded that they thought the ad in poor taste, my aunt N being the most vehement about that particular point among them. So I responded, "It's no different than any of the other political ads currently running, including Romney's own "endorsed by me" ads." She came back with a snarky, "Well *I* think it IS different. It crosses the line!" Whatever lady. Don't know what is up her ass lately. Maybe she's jealous that things are good with my NM again? Beats me. But I am very disappointed in her whole demeanor anymore. She's acting like a selfish, spoiled little brat.

She came back several hours later and wrote, "We all have our opinions and many have taken sides already. I hate the nastiness of this election, but the bottom line is that none of us should lose respect of others for this election. DA, I know that you're an Obama supporter and I respect that. However, I haven't made up my own mind and I'm really trying to keep an open mind. Not easy in this atmosphere." I have several issues with her comment:

1) This makes it sound like I was attacking her for her views when I was not. I was simply stating my opinion like everyone else in that thread.

2) She "hates the nastiness" and decries people losing respect? Funny, considering she's one of the worst offenders constantly posting very rude and insulting crap about Obama all the time.

3) Clearly she does NOT respect my opinion given her seeming need to always put down our President and "Like" all the nasty, disrespectful pictures and "jokes" that circulate the net about him.

4) Funny, seems to me she's made up her mind entirely seeing as how she's so anti-Obama every chance she gets and can speak no wrong of her Republican party. Keeping an open mind my ass. More like, "So long as you agree with ME on everything, then I'm open to hearing what you have to say. Otherwise, you should keep your mouth shut or else I'll attempt to publicly chastise and shame you all over Facebook since I can't handle anyone having a different opinion than me."

As for which side I supposedly support, aunt N has stated several times now - on Facebook of course - that she knows I am a staunch Democrat. Um....NO. I always have and always will vote for the guy (or gal) I think is the best candidate. I don't care if that person is from the Republican party or the Democratic party or some other party. I don't care if they are black, white, asian or whatever race. If I think he or she is the right person for the job, they have my vote. Period. Beyond that, I could care less what their sexual orientation is or what political party they claim to be affiliated with.

Bottom line, in my mind, there are certain things that are RIGHT and certain things that are WRONG. Someone stating openly, as Romney has, that if elected President he will do away with certain things and making statements that, to me, show he will cater to HIS people only is just wrong. Whenever one person or group tries to take all the power for themselves and crap on everyone who doesn't see things exactly as they do, that to me is wrong. How is it any different than a dictatorship or bullying?

At any rate, my intention wasn't to get into a political debate but to complain about my aunt N's whining and complaining all over Facebook simply because I dared to voice a different opinion than hers.

Now that I think about it though, negativity seems to be rampant everywhere these days. Perhaps it's a sign of the current economy? Whatever the case, the primary attitude these days seems to be treating others with disrespect and looking out for yourself. So many people seem so freaking touchy about the slightest thing. For example, a woman posted on an animal group on FB earlier today that she was "in need of boxer puppies". Because she didn't say she was "wanting to adopt" and/or used the word "puppies" plural instead of the singular "puppy", her shit got jumped left, right, up and down. When she dared say, "Uh...sorry. I was just looking for boxer puppies as I'm interested in getting one but apparently if I don't ask in the proper way, I'll find myself unnecessarily attacked. My bad.", she got attacked even worse. I attempted to contact her and let her know that I too had been attacked needlessly on that board very recently but she wasn't able to receive messages.

As for my own "offense" on that site, about a month ago, I'd posted saying I was looking for a puppy exercise pen. Shortly after that, we re-homed our Sibe mix puppy that we'd got and as I hadn't gotten a response to my inquiry, I forgot all about it. Well just the other day, some snarky bitch had to comment, "You just got rid of one dog and now you have PUPPIES??!!!". First off, what fucking business is it of hers even if I HAD gone out and gotten a bunch of puppies? Secondly, had she been literate or smart enough to think to check the date it was posted (though you'd think the fact that it was so far down the page would have given her some clue) she'd have noticed that I'd inquired about the puppy pen BEFORE getting rid of the pup. As if that wasn't bad enough, this bitch then went on to imply that I am some kind of puppy "flipper" who gets dogs for free and the turns around and sells them for profit. Funny, considering the lady we "sold" the pup to got him for FREE. Needless to say, between that little episode and then seeing that other lady attacked for no good reason, I left the group.

Will be interesting to see how my aunt N will respond to what I've written. I basically just stated that I wasn't singling anyone out or attacking anyone, I was simply stating my opinion like everyone else had. My GM later came back and said, "Fine. I'm going to vote for EJ (from Days of Our Lives soap opera, LOL) for President! How do you like THAT N?!!". Clearly she was trying to be silly but I'm betting my aunt N will either take her ball and go home and pout that everyone is "picking on her" or she'll come back with yet another bitchy, whiny response.

Am seriously considering quitting all social sites online entirely. Who needs the elementary school drama?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Need to comment on something...

Normally, I'd post about this over on the DoNM board but, since Danu locked the thread and since I didn't feel it appropriate to post about this over there lest it start any drama, I'm posting it here on my own blog.

Those of you who post over at the DoNM board may have received a private message recently from a poster by the name of "veryluckysallycherry". In this pm, VLSC talks about how she's sending this to warn us of Danu's malicious intents and supposed "god complex". She goes on to say how Danu has banned various people from her board without reason and that this practice is rampant and seems to be perpetrated mostly against Christians. She finishes her message by telling us that there are "many others", among whom she lists "Sweet Violet" and "Beccas12" as victims of Danu's supposed wanton banning.

This was nothing new to me. In fact, it was about three years ago now that I first heard about Violet and Becca being banned and contacted them to find out their side of the story for myself. The evidence they presented me with was somewhat compelling but it was their conviction that moved me the most. Truly, they were quite convincing. It shames me to admit that, initially, I bought into their whole "Danu is a malignant N with a god complex" delusion and even went so far as to vow to help them create a website to expose Danu. Together, several DoNM's set up camp on a FB group and went about compiling our "evidence".

It wasn't long however before I began to see many holes in their stories and supposed evidence. Still, I wanted to believe the best of them. Ever the good little people-pleasing DoNM, I was desperate to prove to them that I could be trusted and, thus, good enough to be called their friend. As more time went by however, it began to become apparent that these people were on a witch-hunt and that THEY were the narcissists, not Danu. This was confirmed for me one very horrible day.

Things were at an all-time low between my NM and me and I was right on the verge of going NC which, understandably, was causing me great emotional upset. So, seeking support, I posted about what I was feeling on the FB DoNM group. Imagine my pain and horror to find myself viciously - and most unnecessarily - attacked by some woman who had just joined the group the day previous. Trying to defuse the situation, I responded to this person by trying to clarify and said that, though it may not have been her intent, I was hurt and upset by her words. Instead of apologizing, this person attacked me again, more viciously this time and then left the group, supposedly because I had made it an "unfriendly, unsafe place to post"!

A couple of days later, I'd been pushed to my limit with my NM and went NC so was in a VERY bad place emotionally. On top of that, I felt completely blindsided and attacked by this mystery person - I was the ONLY person she'd responded to after joining the group...truly it seemed to me that she'd joined just to attack me and then run. When I voiced my fears and concerns about what had happened, I found myself attacked by the FB group - most of the members anyways - and then BANNED without reason or excuse. Despite the fact that *I* was the one so viciously attacked, *I* had been singled out as a "troublemaker" and then banned from the group, and at a time when I needed support from my "sisters" the most!

But that wasn't the end of it, oh no. "Sweet Violet" took it a step further and posted on the FB board (I know this because another DoNM who felt I'd been railroaded and judged unfairly told me of it after I was banned) that I had set up the attack myself as a means of drumming up business for my new website, a website that - remember - I had set up WITH Violet and Becca for ALL of us to run together as a place to display all of our gathered "evidence" against Danu! Truly, Violet's viciousness was about as nasty and venomous as any I've heard then or since. If that wasn't an N rage, I don't know what is.

Becca, for her part, tried to play psychiatrist with me and claimed I was just scared and was "seeing ghosts" where there really weren't any. This from the girl who I'd truly believed was a friend and had trusted. The final straw for me was when Becca attempted to try and get me to prove my loyalty to her yet again. It was having to prove my worth, having to show I was "good enough" to deserve her good treatment just as it had been with my NFOO all these years. Only this time, I wasn't having any of it and told her I wasn't interested and went my own way.

When it was all said and done, I went back to Danu, apologized for my part in the whole mess and asked for her forgiveness. Danu didn't gloat or criticize at all. Instead, she said there was nothing to forgive and she welcomed me back into her group with open arms. Doesn't sound like a malignant N with a god complex to me...?

And regarding the claim by VLSC that Danu has it in for Christians and that those banned were so shunned for expressing their beliefs.....utter and complete BULLSHIT. I am a Christian and have stated so many times on the DoNM board. I've also, albeit unintentionally, violated the rules in that regard on the DoNM board quite a few times yet, amazingly, I'm still a member and post regularly.

One final point that I find interesting - Violet and Becca were banned over THREE YEARS AGO yet continue in their mission to bring about the downfall of Danu and her site. Meanwhile, Danu has not spoken out against them or their group publicly and has, in fact, only just a few days ago, even mentioned them AT ALL. And even then, it was only to encourage everyone to research it themselves and come to their own conclusions. So I ask you, who is the real narcissist here?

It is my opinion, and you may take it and do with it what you will, that Danu is NOT a narcissist, she does NOT "have it in" for Christians nor does she ban them from her board willy nilly and that it is Violet that is the malignant narcissist with a god complex. (As for Becca, I fear she is simply a broken DoNM with many, many fleas who's fallen in with yet another N - Violet - and given herself over to her.)

I hope that if any of you have received the message from VLSC, that you will disregard it for the hogwash that it is and continue posting over at DoNM, secure in the knowledge that it is a safe forum in which to post and find support.

As for Violet and Becca, if you somehow find your way here and read this, I pray that you both are able to let go of the bitterness you continue to hold onto and find peace so that you can drop this ridiculous vendetta and move on with your lives.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Update on NEF...

As far as contact goes, haven't heard a single thing since his last email to me. Would have thought he'd try to milk the situation or that NSM would have sent me a nasty email about how horrible I am given that I didn't even contact my father back after he announced he was DYING for pete's sakes (eyeroll) but, alas, not a peep. And of course no acknowledgment of my recent birthday either

DID find out however through NSM's sister - my step aunt who I call "Tanta" - that it turns out my NEF doesn't even have cancer! Am not sure what exactly has taken place. According to NEF's "cancer" email, he said he'd been diagnosed with cancer, that he'd had to have surgery and was expecting the results from the surgery/biopsy at the end of June. According to Tanta - who heard from my brother - NEF does not have cancer. So far though, that's all we know since my stupid brother refuses to say anymore and won't talk to me and I can't get my sister to call me or email me back.

How shitty to try and get me all freaked out on the day before my DS' birthday for what has turned out to be nothing, or at least not cancer! If there'd been any doubt that my NEF was an N before, there's certainly no doubt now!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wow. Today just keeps getting better! (NOT.)

Got an email around 1pm today from some guy inquiring about the pup. I'd actually heard from him before. The last time he contacted me, I emailed him back with a few general questions like "Do you have a fenced yard?" and "Do you have other pets? Could we contact your vet?" which were questions suggested to us by the local Sibe rescue group to help us weed out good potential homes. I later called him and left a message and never heard anything back so I wrote him off and didn't give it another thought.

Forward to today. I get another email from the same guy saying he's interested and asking me to call him. I wasn't going to call but dh pressed me saying, "What do you have to lose? Maybe he'll wind up being a good home for the dog." So I called. BIG MISTAKE. This guy apparently had set me up pretending to be interested when what he REALLY wanted was to yell at me over the phone. He lit into me about asking personal questions that were none of my business, etc. I told him I respected his feelings and stated that these were just questions suggested to us by the Sibe rescue and that I wasn't trying to offend anyone. He continued to yell at me, told me my questions were "way out of line" and "total bullshit" and then said he was buying a dog from me off CRAIGSLIST for f**k's sakes and it wasn't even a full blooded husky w/ blue eyes. I told him I know that and had stated that clearly in the ad when I placed it and said if he wasn't interested in adopting my dog, that was fine but then he shouldn't have emailed me. He CONTINUED to yell at and berate me and then finally said he'd met a breeder in a nearby town who had full blooded huskies that would be ready in two weeks and he was going to go with THEM since THEY didn't ask bullshit personal questions. I said, "That's fine. Good luck with your new dog." and hung up.

Are you freaking KIDDING ME??!! Someone is going to bother themselves to set me up by sending an email pretending to be interested in the dog just to get me to call him so he can yell at me??? Why not just respond via email or, better still, just let it go? No. You have to be such an asshole that you set up women to call you so that you can verbally assault them. Loser. Have already told dh that I am totally doing a "do-over" birthday sometime this weekend.

Oh, and dh's cousin finally emailed him back. She said that what she was most pissed about was his joke re: the judge Judy comment. that warranted her attacking ME??! Screw the lot of them. Have told dh I'm setting up a new FB page and am only going to friend the few people who actually support and care about me. The rest, I'm going to slowly phase out and tell that I don't really have time for FB anymore until I finally delete the old page. Then I can be myself on the new page and to hell with everyone who is always criticizing me for every little thing I say and do online.

If anyone's still reading at this point, could use some prayers/good vibes/whatever for tomorrow morning. Have been having some female health issues that I'm going to get checked out tomorrow at the doctor's and am really nervous. Will let you know what they say when I get back tomorrow.

Happy fucking Birthday to me...

Several weeks ago, dh and I decided to purchase a Siberian husky mix pup from a lady who'd advertised them for sale on our local craigslist page. Truth be told, it was more of a rescue effort. Our pup was the only one left for sale - according to her though, ironically, after we got our pup, she listed two more for sale the following day. When we went to look at him, he was being kept on a screened porch that was riddled with urine and feces and the pup was covered in fleas.

I had actually wanted another malamute but dh felt it was too soon for him what with just having lost our beloved mal girl only a few weeks previous. 
We'd thought when we got him that a Siberian husky was very similar to an Alaskan Malamute only a bit more hyper and a little smaller. We've since come to find out we were not prepared at all for the level of exercise and constant stimulation that this little guy will apparently need - and this is just at 8 weeks of age, we shudder to think once he gets to be 6 months or a year or more - and so have made the tough decision to go about finding him a new home. Please note that it's not that we don't want him. We've grown very fond of our little furbuddy but we realize we need to do what's best for the dog and not us which is why we've decided to try and place Ninja with another family.

We realize that this was our mistake and accept full responsibility. As such, we have been trying to do the responsible thing by continuing to care for and train Ninja as we attempt to find him a new home. I've been working overtime posting ads online and contacting various rescue groups trying to get the pup placed. Have had 8 people contact me so far but only ONE has bothered to get back with me and follow through (though she wound up being unable to take the dog after all).

We've started to get a bit desperate at this point and have stepped up our efforts to try and find Ninja a good home. As part of that, I posted some pics online and asked my friends and family if they could share the pics on their FB walls to try and reach as many people as possible. Well, dh's cousin responded with the following:

My take on the responsibility of another life then you see it through until it is in safe hands. You are worried about the pup "getting too bonded to you" but your option is a shelter if you cannot find him a home???? What sense does that make? Contact some animal rescue groups or take responsibility for your actions and loving see it through until you find that pup a home. You chose him....not the other way around. My apologies if I am coming off as a bitch but this is a sore spot for me. You wouldn't have "dismissed" (your ds) if he cried too much as a baby?!?!?!?

I saw it and told dh about it and he logged online to respond. Dh wrote:

I am doing the responsible thing. When I say shelter I'm not talking about the pound. I'm talking about a no kill shelter where they would look to find him a good home. We knew almost right away when we got him that it wasn't the right fit for us. The breeder was more than willing to take him back but I didn't feel that was the best place for him (long story). So, instead we've been training him, talking care of him and trying to find him a great family. A good no kill shelter has vast more resources and people looking for good pets. We've already contacted some Sibe rescue groups but they won't take him because he's not a pure breed.

Dh then added, "And to quote Judge Judy. 'Equating a human child to a dog is absolutely ridiculous, madam.'" as a means of lightening the moment. Apparently dh's cousin didn't find the humor in it and/or was not satisfied with dh's response because her next comment to him was:

Sir, not owning up to your responsibility for your poor judgment is sign of a complete jackass. -That statement is made by me.

WTFH??!! Despite it all, dh and I decided to just drop it and went on with our evening as usual.

A very short bit later, I was chatting back and forth online with my friend Tanya who I often refer to on FB as "T" which, coincidentally happens to be the same first initial as dh's cousin. Well T is a very big fan of the group Die Antwoord, as am I. We're always posting D/A related stuff to one another so I thought nothing of it when I posted a pic of Ninja from D/A flipping a double bird with a smile on his face. I posted it and wrote, "This is for you T!" and put a after it. Well dh's cousin saw it, thought it was intended for HER and wrote to me:

Thanks for the "flip off". I expected no less. Spend less time watching tv and goofing on FB and give that puppy a walk. You might find out he is a better fit then you expected.

REALLY? She "expected no less"? So then exactly what kind of person does that say she thinks I am?! To me, this seriously crossed the line beyond her initial faux pas in addressing something like this publicly instead of messaging me privately which is what dh and I agree she should have done. Instead of laying into her though, I chose to respond simply, "The "flip off" was for my friend TANYA, who I often refer to as "T" on here. My mistake. But nice to know what you really think of your cousin's wife. Thanks."

Dh, however, was PISSED and sent her a private email saying that he was disappointed in her behavior and expected far more of her. He then said he felt she owed me a major apology for singling me out and attacking me when she has NO idea about all the work I put into ALL our animals and is just blindly casting judgments. As far as I know, we've yet to hear anything back from her.

Was really hurt and angered by the whole thing. Clearly, for some time now, I have been labeled as "that woman" that dh chose to marry who has dragged him down and ruined their perfect little happy family. Mind you, for the most part - though definitely not always - they are all sweet to my face, especially if dh is within eye/ear-shot, only to trash talk me behind my back and treat me like crap whenever dh isn't around. Am angered but also deeply hurt. What the hell is it about me that everyone seems to find so horribly "bad" or "wrong"? No matter what I do, it's never good enough and I'm so sick and tired of it. I have done nothing but be kind and respectful toward all of these people. I'M the one they call when they need a favor or an ear to listen to them. And when dh's cousin came out to the family that she was a lesbian and introduced her partner to everyone, *I* was the ONLY one who welcomed her partner with open arms and didn't set to talking shit about her behind her back and calling her things like a "freak" and "abnormal" the way the rest of them did. I have been nothing but nice only to have them shit on me time and time again. Told dh last night I'm done with all of them. Am sick of being hurt and disrespected.

As if that wasn't bad enough, dh and I are on FB last night and apparently NSIL and NBIL - and of course you can bet NMIL and NFIL were there too - had some big 4th of July pool party at their house and, as seems to be the usual lately, dh and I weren't invited. I mean, it's one thing not to invite us but to then turn around and post pics of the event all over FB? That's just rude. On the other hand, I feel a bit bad for dh that his family's obvious issues with me seem to now be causing him to be excluded and treated badly as well.

Anyhoo, as a result of all this negativity, I slept horribly last night and woke up with an upset stomach and feeling nauseous. Not exactly how I'd wanted to spend my birthday but, I can't say I'm surprised. It seems dh's family finds new ways every year to ensure I know just how UN-special they think me and my day are. Happy fucking Birthday to me.