Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Honestly, I am getting so sick and tired of the whiny little bitches all over Facebook and elsewhere who get their panties in a snit because someone dares voice their opinion. Mind you, THEY are allowed to voice THEIR opinions whenever the hell they damn well feel like it but let me dare to take the same right for myself and suddenly the whining, pissing and moaning starts.

Case in point, my aunt N. My GM posted as her status something to the effect of, "Does anyone think that Romney sings better in that new ad than Justin Bieber does?" A couple people responded that they thought the ad in poor taste, my aunt N being the most vehement about that particular point among them. So I responded, "It's no different than any of the other political ads currently running, including Romney's own "endorsed by me" ads." She came back with a snarky, "Well *I* think it IS different. It crosses the line!" Whatever lady. Don't know what is up her ass lately. Maybe she's jealous that things are good with my NM again? Beats me. But I am very disappointed in her whole demeanor anymore. She's acting like a selfish, spoiled little brat.

She came back several hours later and wrote, "We all have our opinions and many have taken sides already. I hate the nastiness of this election, but the bottom line is that none of us should lose respect of others for this election. DA, I know that you're an Obama supporter and I respect that. However, I haven't made up my own mind and I'm really trying to keep an open mind. Not easy in this atmosphere." I have several issues with her comment:

1) This makes it sound like I was attacking her for her views when I was not. I was simply stating my opinion like everyone else in that thread.

2) She "hates the nastiness" and decries people losing respect? Funny, considering she's one of the worst offenders constantly posting very rude and insulting crap about Obama all the time.

3) Clearly she does NOT respect my opinion given her seeming need to always put down our President and "Like" all the nasty, disrespectful pictures and "jokes" that circulate the net about him.

4) Funny, seems to me she's made up her mind entirely seeing as how she's so anti-Obama every chance she gets and can speak no wrong of her Republican party. Keeping an open mind my ass. More like, "So long as you agree with ME on everything, then I'm open to hearing what you have to say. Otherwise, you should keep your mouth shut or else I'll attempt to publicly chastise and shame you all over Facebook since I can't handle anyone having a different opinion than me."

As for which side I supposedly support, aunt N has stated several times now - on Facebook of course - that she knows I am a staunch Democrat. Um....NO. I always have and always will vote for the guy (or gal) I think is the best candidate. I don't care if that person is from the Republican party or the Democratic party or some other party. I don't care if they are black, white, asian or whatever race. If I think he or she is the right person for the job, they have my vote. Period. Beyond that, I could care less what their sexual orientation is or what political party they claim to be affiliated with.

Bottom line, in my mind, there are certain things that are RIGHT and certain things that are WRONG. Someone stating openly, as Romney has, that if elected President he will do away with certain things and making statements that, to me, show he will cater to HIS people only is just wrong. Whenever one person or group tries to take all the power for themselves and crap on everyone who doesn't see things exactly as they do, that to me is wrong. How is it any different than a dictatorship or bullying?

At any rate, my intention wasn't to get into a political debate but to complain about my aunt N's whining and complaining all over Facebook simply because I dared to voice a different opinion than hers.

Now that I think about it though, negativity seems to be rampant everywhere these days. Perhaps it's a sign of the current economy? Whatever the case, the primary attitude these days seems to be treating others with disrespect and looking out for yourself. So many people seem so freaking touchy about the slightest thing. For example, a woman posted on an animal group on FB earlier today that she was "in need of boxer puppies". Because she didn't say she was "wanting to adopt" and/or used the word "puppies" plural instead of the singular "puppy", her shit got jumped left, right, up and down. When she dared say, "Uh...sorry. I was just looking for boxer puppies as I'm interested in getting one but apparently if I don't ask in the proper way, I'll find myself unnecessarily attacked. My bad.", she got attacked even worse. I attempted to contact her and let her know that I too had been attacked needlessly on that board very recently but she wasn't able to receive messages.

As for my own "offense" on that site, about a month ago, I'd posted saying I was looking for a puppy exercise pen. Shortly after that, we re-homed our Sibe mix puppy that we'd got and as I hadn't gotten a response to my inquiry, I forgot all about it. Well just the other day, some snarky bitch had to comment, "You just got rid of one dog and now you have PUPPIES??!!!". First off, what fucking business is it of hers even if I HAD gone out and gotten a bunch of puppies? Secondly, had she been literate or smart enough to think to check the date it was posted (though you'd think the fact that it was so far down the page would have given her some clue) she'd have noticed that I'd inquired about the puppy pen BEFORE getting rid of the pup. As if that wasn't bad enough, this bitch then went on to imply that I am some kind of puppy "flipper" who gets dogs for free and the turns around and sells them for profit. Funny, considering the lady we "sold" the pup to got him for FREE. Needless to say, between that little episode and then seeing that other lady attacked for no good reason, I left the group.

Will be interesting to see how my aunt N will respond to what I've written. I basically just stated that I wasn't singling anyone out or attacking anyone, I was simply stating my opinion like everyone else had. My GM later came back and said, "Fine. I'm going to vote for EJ (from Days of Our Lives soap opera, LOL) for President! How do you like THAT N?!!". Clearly she was trying to be silly but I'm betting my aunt N will either take her ball and go home and pout that everyone is "picking on her" or she'll come back with yet another bitchy, whiny response.

Am seriously considering quitting all social sites online entirely. Who needs the elementary school drama?

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  1. My daughter finally posted a rant that she has her own opinion and letting everyone know that playing nice would be appreciated. It amazes me when people are rude or offensive on computers. It is like there is a real human being on the receiving end. Sorry someone gave you a rough time over the puppy pen when you were trying to do what was best for the puppy. My son taught me how to hide people on facebook. Now, I have a nice group of friends and I am not afraid to hide unpleasant relatives. :)