Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wow. Today just keeps getting better! (NOT.)

Got an email around 1pm today from some guy inquiring about the pup. I'd actually heard from him before. The last time he contacted me, I emailed him back with a few general questions like "Do you have a fenced yard?" and "Do you have other pets? Could we contact your vet?" which were questions suggested to us by the local Sibe rescue group to help us weed out good potential homes. I later called him and left a message and never heard anything back so I wrote him off and didn't give it another thought.

Forward to today. I get another email from the same guy saying he's interested and asking me to call him. I wasn't going to call but dh pressed me saying, "What do you have to lose? Maybe he'll wind up being a good home for the dog." So I called. BIG MISTAKE. This guy apparently had set me up pretending to be interested when what he REALLY wanted was to yell at me over the phone. He lit into me about asking personal questions that were none of my business, etc. I told him I respected his feelings and stated that these were just questions suggested to us by the Sibe rescue and that I wasn't trying to offend anyone. He continued to yell at me, told me my questions were "way out of line" and "total bullshit" and then said he was buying a dog from me off CRAIGSLIST for f**k's sakes and it wasn't even a full blooded husky w/ blue eyes. I told him I know that and had stated that clearly in the ad when I placed it and said if he wasn't interested in adopting my dog, that was fine but then he shouldn't have emailed me. He CONTINUED to yell at and berate me and then finally said he'd met a breeder in a nearby town who had full blooded huskies that would be ready in two weeks and he was going to go with THEM since THEY didn't ask bullshit personal questions. I said, "That's fine. Good luck with your new dog." and hung up.

Are you freaking KIDDING ME??!! Someone is going to bother themselves to set me up by sending an email pretending to be interested in the dog just to get me to call him so he can yell at me??? Why not just respond via email or, better still, just let it go? No. You have to be such an asshole that you set up women to call you so that you can verbally assault them. Loser. Have already told dh that I am totally doing a "do-over" birthday sometime this weekend.

Oh, and dh's cousin finally emailed him back. She said that what she was most pissed about was his joke re: the judge Judy comment. that warranted her attacking ME??! Screw the lot of them. Have told dh I'm setting up a new FB page and am only going to friend the few people who actually support and care about me. The rest, I'm going to slowly phase out and tell that I don't really have time for FB anymore until I finally delete the old page. Then I can be myself on the new page and to hell with everyone who is always criticizing me for every little thing I say and do online.

If anyone's still reading at this point, could use some prayers/good vibes/whatever for tomorrow morning. Have been having some female health issues that I'm going to get checked out tomorrow at the doctor's and am really nervous. Will let you know what they say when I get back tomorrow.


  1. Mega bummer on the tirade from an idiot and doctor's appointments. Tomorrow I have an appointment too make sure all is well from corrective surgery. Mine was easy but still not fun. I understand your concern. I'll keep you in my prayers.

  2. You having to deal with way too many trolls. I'm impressed you remained polite. I would have hung up on him. Adding you to my prayer list.

  3. I'm not a huge FB user, but they do have a feature that you can set up current users you no longer wish to FB with as unable to see any of your postings or you any of theirs. It's an option instead of "unfriending". I did this with my parents, and it's worked out great.

  4. My thoughts are with you today-hope the problem can be easily remediated.
    The guy that called to scream at you is an idiot. Plain and simple. OK, call me paranoid, but are you sure this wasn't some sort of set-up courtesy of the nay-saying others? Just seems fishy to me.
    DH died in the middle of building our house. I had a very unlisted number but within 2 weeks I had men showing up at my door inquiring about the property. A neighbor took a message for me (very kind but not necessary) from some guy and gave it to me one Fri. evening about a month or so later. So I called the guy back, told him about the house/acreage/price and the guy started SCREAMING at me about the price! I mean this guy was on a freakin' RANT! I was so shocked I listened for a bit and then cut him off with, "Apparently you can't afford the property." And hung up on him.
    There are some really, really bent people out there, Little One. But I'm still suspicious about this guy and the timing....