Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just biding my time at this point...

More crap from my SM. I posted this link about First Lady Michelle Obama's recent vacation trip to Spain along with this comment: So let me get this straight, when Laura Bush was First Lady and took a vacation with her two daughters, that was an "official" trip but when First Lady Michelle Obama does it, it's "wasting taxpayers money" and people get their panties all in a snit about her taking a personal vacation. Oh yeah, racism is SO alive and well in this country.

A friend of mine commented, "GWB was the MOST vacationing President ever, the next in line is the anti hero Reagan. Now these revisionist historians are trying to say that when Obama is on the golfcourse it is vacation time. WTH?? Funny how when their lying idiot indolent rich boy was President we were all supposed to toe the party line because it eroded his power to question him! How the story changes!".

Then I came back and wrote, "Yeah well, those same people also claim that there were no terrorist/domestic attacks under George W. Bush's Presidency. Um....WHAT???!! Anyone remember9/11??!!!

I would never generalize and say ALL people who dislike or are outright against... Obama are racist but I think that it's the main problem for MANY of those who are. Of course, you'll never hear them admit to it, save for a few good ole boys who aren't shy about expressing their racist views." My friend concurred that she also thought racism was an underlying problem in the issue.

Then SM has to rear her ignorant ass and posts, "George went to camp David...on the wk ends. And no one is say that Michelle shouldn't take the girls, however we have had a BIG problem in the Gulf, IF this had happened on Georges watch he would had never taken, and didn't during 911 until... all was in order, THIS has nothing to do with race and the more people try and put that into to it WE as a country will NEVER," GET" what the truth is about our deference. The Vac. are not about the Vac. it's about the money being spent at this time when things are so bad here. They don't pay for those vac. we do."

Now, a) this has a LOT to do with race, how could it not? Not saying it's true for everyone but I've heard WAY too many ignorant people say to me, "I'll tell you what my problem is with Obama, I don't like some uppity n***er running this country and telling me what to do!" to be stupid enough to think race doesn't play a large part in the extreme dislike of President Obama. b) SM and my dad are totally racist themselves, which is why I doth think she protest so strongly. I can remember driving along the road in a car as a young girl with my dad and seeing a black person (can't remember if it was a man or woman) stranded at the side of the road and leaning over the opened hood of their car, which was smoking. I think I made a comment about the car blowing up and my dad suddenly yelled, "Oh no! Chocolate chips!" and laughed hysterically about it. More recently, he apparently refused to give the Holy Communion to his African American parishioners without wearing latex surgical gloves. Yeah, but race has nothing to do with it...

So I come back with, "The Obamas have already stated, as did the author of the article, that the WHITE HOUSE and thus American tax dollars, are NOT paying for the trip. The cost of lodging and such is being paid for PRIVATELY by them. They DO have their OWN mone...y ya know. Yes, the Secret Service are paid for by our tax dollars but there's not much can be done about that. It's not like she can go anywhere without them. As First Lady, she has no choice.

Furthermore, they've taken TWO trips to the Gulf now on official business but some people whined that they were taking "vacations" THEN too.

Bottom line, some people just hate Obama period - be it because of his race or whatever - and no matter WHAT he does, they'll find something to bitch about." and my friend wrote, "Bush's mom Barbara said that the hurricane victims were probably better off inside the Dome than their homes, and there is tape of her saying it!"

SM's response was a post on my wall that reads, "True...however if people DON'T stop saying it's race then race it will be. I for one just do not believe in the Dom. way of thinking and his way of thinking is WAY far left for me and so many others. So come Nov. I guess we will see what happens. Remember that the last 4 yrs of Bush was run by the Dems. both in the and sen. just as so much got done in Clintons last 4 yrs that people rave about well the house and sent. was run by the Rep. funny :0)" Yeah. Funny. So funny I forgot to laugh!

My response, "Oh, I still say race has a HUGE part in why so many hate Obama and/or are against him. It may not be EVERYONE'S problem with him - which is why I've never generalized it that way - but rest assured it IS a very real issue.", followed by my friend's response of, "Feels like more misinformation from Fox and it's ilk who like to use buzz words like socialism to make people fall into lockstep. It is American to question your leadership, what should not be the American way is allowing Fox or MSNBC for... that matter put out opinion as News. That should be sacrosanct so that people can make really informed decisions based on unbiased reportage! The news we get now is biased because it is also coopted by 4 the large CORPORATIONS that own them and choose what they decide we need to know and remember scared people are easier to fool."

I LOVED this comment from my friend because SM is a HUGE fan of Fox News. When they came to visit once and stayed with us, it was literally ALL they watched the entire time. And more recently, SM has gone on many times ad nauseum about how I need to watch this show on Fox News or how I need to watch that show on Fox News. I suspect that with Palin - SM's idol - joining the Fox fold, SM will eat, sleep and breathe Fox News.

This is where it gets crazy. (Or crazier since pretty much any interaction with SM is a guaranteed trip to Crazy Town.) All was quiet for a while and then, out of nowhere, SM writes on my FB wall, "So I guess Bush and our gov. is bigger then God?" Ummm.....I'm sorry, WHAT??? I went back and reread the entire conversation three times trying to figure out what she was referring to and even asked my friend if she knew what the hell SM was talking about. My friend's response to that was, "I have no idea. She's nuts." LOL You got THAT shit right!

Honestly, this is just the final straw on the camel's back. Between her horrid attitude when she and my dad were visiting in June, her continued snarky comments and constant "one upping" to me the few times I've spoken with her on the phone since and then this shit on my FB wall yesterday, I have just HAD IT with this woman! I finally got around to kicking my NM, NSJ and NHS to the curb because I got tired of dealing with their N shit and now I should put up with this? I don't think so. I've had enough of these damn N's and their constant nastiness and need for drama. Enough is enough!

Previously I'd mentioned hesitation in going NC with SM because it would mean having to go NC with my dad as well. After giving it a bit of thought however, it occurred to me that there was nothing to lose. I haven't heard a single peep from my dad since he and SM left here in June. JUNE! And of course it's now August. The man works at a freaking grocery store for cripes sakes. I mean, really, how busy can he be? I'm supposed to believe that he's so freaking busy stocking groceries and sweeping up the mess in aisle three that he doesn't have two minutes to call up his supposed "favorite" daughter and ask how I'm doing or even to send off a quick email asking the same? Of course he has the time, he just doesn't care enough to bother himself. Same story I've been living with for....well, pretty much my entire life now.

He barely cared before but at least back when I was under 18 years of age, I still served the purpose of being used as a pawn to get at my mom. Now that I'm an adult who he can't control with his bullying anymore, he has no use and, therefore, no interest in me. So screw SM and screw him too.

As of now, I'm just waiting for the bday card that I know will be coming for dh in September and will likely contain a check. Even without the check, at least dh will have received a card which is more than I got for my bday which is reason enough for me to tell SM and dear ole dad to take a hike. Even dh says that he is going to have a HUGE problem with them if he gets a card on his bday when I didn't. He says if that happens he's going to call them up and give them a piece of his mind. I told him he can do what he wants, once that happens, my next contact with them will be my NC letter telling them to leave me alone.

(I know some of you will probably say, 'Why not just go NC now since it's obvious you want it?'. I guess it's because of my DoNM fleas or whatever but I just feel like there needs to be a "real" reason lest I look like an over-reacting, overly-sensitive twit. And dh's bday being acknowledged while mine went not acknowledged would be reason enough for me. Though if they don't send dh a bday card, I still plan to go NC anyhow. I'll just have to find another reason to do it.)


  1. I have a very conservative family as well, and a good majority of them are racist, to boot. "Nigger" is tossed off so nonchalantely that you'd think we were in Mississippi post-reconstruction. They plainly don't see the hypocrisy in some of their stances as well. My uncle is currently unemployed, has been for quite some time, and receiving unemployment the entire time, yet he continues to rail against "entitlements" when he starts going off on a rant. Nice, uncle - keep bitching about how those taxes you've been paying have been coming back and helping you make your house payment, douchebag.

    It's a hard fight against the right-wing echo chamber. Witness how fast a talking point (or for that matter, a doctored video) makes the rounds on talk radio and the blogosphere. Facts and logic do not matter - they make their arguments based solely on emotion. This is why racism is so potent, and why white privilege will dominate political discourse for the forseeable future.

    I think this (paraphrased) quote from Chris Rock sums up my feelings the best: "We'll won't be post-racial until a black man as dumb as George W. Bush gets elected to the presidency." Ain't that the truth?

  2. Yep! SM goes on and on about "evil" Obama and how he's supposedly trying to turn the US into a Socialist, Marxist state. Mind you, this is as she's also in the process of trying to get my GM signed up for Medicare/Medicaid (can't remember which one, but it's one of the two)!

    The thing about people like my SM is that they'll bitch, piss and moan about something and yet have ZERO shame about benefiting from it themselves which makes them big, fat HYPOCRITES in my book.

    But then of course WE just don't understand. Apparently everyone ELSE isn't as "enlightened" as they are so we have no right to comment or have an opinion on the matter. WHATEVER.

    I suspect that if this continues on and I keep pushing her, it's only a matter of time before SM loses her carefully composed facade and shows her true colors. That's usually how it goes - she spews BS, I call her on it and/or prove her wrong and, unable to convince me of her BS, she throws a tantrum and says, "Well I really don't GIVE A DAMN what you think!" and then takes her ball and runs home.