Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Well, the momster broke NC again...

Got a card in the mail today addressed to ds from the momster. It was a Halloween card. The handwritten note on the inside reads: "(DS' name), Hey BigShot! Hope you have a super-duper Halloween! Love Grandma XX".

Seriously??! Not so much as a single solitary WORD from her since freaking APRIL and now a stupid Halloween card?! I tell you, it makes me SICK to my stomach. I SO want to write her (I won't) and say, "Who the f**k do you think you are kidding lady? The rest of the FOO might be stupid enough to buy the bullshit you're peddling but we are not! If you cared so freaking much, it wouldn't be more important to you to be RIGHT and get your way rather than getting to know your precious grandson and having a relationship with him. So take your fake sentimental shit and SHOVE it, fake ass bitch!"

CLEARLY this was done purely to impress the rest of N FOO as she's currently up in that state and has their captive audience. That said, I don't know which is worse - NM's act of pretending to care or the N FOO for being stupid enough to believe her crap.

So much for my hopes of an NM-free holiday season.


  1. My NM did the same exact thing, though it was only three weeks of her giving me the silent treatment that she suddenly sent a Halloween card to DD. I saw this as an attempt to continue to maintain a relationship with DD while circumventing me.

    Could your NM be setting the stage to try to spend the holidays with you? Could this be her attempt to try to suck you back in?

  2. @ CC - It's doubtful. We went NC on January 9th of this year and didn't hear much from her until around April, first for Easter and then for ds' bday. Then, not another peep until now.

    I think NM is doing this for two reasons: a) As I already mentioned, she's up in N FOO's state right now and has them all held captive as her audience for her personal pity party so this was for show, to show everyone what a "dedicated" GM she supposedly is to her gs. b) According to my NM, my NGM told NM to "continue sending gifts and cards on bdays and other gift giving holidays" so that ds would remember her and know she cared. It was also expressed that NM is hoping it will cause ds to seek her out someday so that she can "tell him the TRUTH" of what happened between she and I.

    I just think it's pretty shitty that she cares so little that she can only bother herself to send a stupid card and meaningless gift a handful of times per year rather than just be nice to me, his mother, and treat me with respect so that she can see him regularly and develop an actual relationship with him. Yet she supposedly cares so much. HOGWASH!!

    If by some chance she IS setting the stage to try and get back together for the holidays, she's in for a very rude awakening as I have NO intention of doing any such thing!!

  3. Holidays offer the perfect excuse for them to put on a show, sending cards and presents as a technicality. "See? I never forgot a birthday or a holiday so how could you ever accuse me of not caring?" Like adhering to some insipid tradition is supposed to make up for all the other CRAP they put us through.