Monday, May 17, 2010

What a bitch!

While my MIL was visiting today, she told me that this lady she works with, "Pat", was getting her nails done the other day and guess who she happened to wind up sitting next to and getting into a conversation with? You guessed it, NM!

NM was going on talking about dh's and my wedding and how HER side of the family showed dh's side "how to have a good time". She was apparently being very derogatory about dh's family. For the record, her main gripe is that they are Baptists and don't drink or dance. *eye roll*

At one point, Pat mentioned she worked at a local drug store, which NM knows is where MIL works, and NM says, "Oh, well then you must know DA's MIL." Pat said, "Oh yes! I know (MIL's name)! She's a very good friend of mine! Lovely woman. A real sweetheart!" NM's response? "Ugh. She's a dead head!"

Had to look that one up. I knew it was obviously an insult. Turns out it basically means dumb or "slow witted". Can you believe the sheer nerve of that woman??!!

Fearing MIL may be hurt by NM's comment I said, "Well, I suppose being a 'dead head' is better than being a shallow, narcissistic BITCH." We both laughed at that one.

Only thing I can say (aside from reiterating what a bitch my NM is) is that she's obviously deteriorating in her facade because she has never been so bold in public like that before. But, really, what a rude cow!

For the record, anyone who knows my MIL knows that Pat is right, MIL's a sweetheart and a good soul. Very kind and giving, often to her own detriment since she'd rather go without and give to others.

At some point NM is going to get fed up "waiting for me to come to my senses" and will contact me. She'd better watch out because I have LOTS to say to her and, suffice it to say, it WON'T be nice. Naturally I know it won't do any good but at least it'll allow me the chance to get it off my chest and give all this negative crap back to her, where it belongs.


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  1. Nobody feeding the monster so the mask slips...the bitch underneath looks good on her!