Monday, November 30, 2009

Awesome article on the Golden Child/Scapegoat dynamic...

Simply a must read for all DONM's.

Reading this was like reading my life story written out for all the world to see. Even how my NM chose me as the Scapegoat is uncannily accurate.

I think what strikes me most about the entire situation is the extreme unfairness of it all. There are times I just want to stomp my feel and scream over and over, "It's not fair! It's not fair! It's not FAIR!!!" I never asked for any of this and I haven't done anything to deserve to be treated so horribly yet simply because I exist, I'm damned to suffer by my FOO. And the cruel irony is that I'M the LUCKY one who has a snowball's chance in hell of surviving, getting healthy and moving on with my life! I suppose, logically, that makes sense but, emotionally speaking, I certainly don't feel very lucky.

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