Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm a supervillain!

Bet you all didn't know that about me, did you? DisturbedAngel is just my day to day alter ego. When I'm in full on villain mode, I go by the name "The Scourge". LOL

Okay, since you're now probably all wondering if I fell on my head or sniffed a few too many paint fumes while refinishing the furniture I've been working on, I'll explain. I've recently started talking to my aunt N again and she had a few things to tell me, one of which involved an email conversation with my N half sis.

If I have it right, my NHS responded to an email forward my aunt N had sent out to everyone and said something like, "DA is the LAST person I'd want to spend any time with!" That's not an exact quote but my aunt N says it was something along those lines. Aunt N says she told NHS, "Oh whatever! You know what? DA feels the same way about YOU, rest assured!" After that, NHS apparently started in on aunt N, saying that she fears for aunt N and the safety of her family should aunt N continue talking to me, big baddie that I am. LOL

Aunt N assured NHS that she was fine and could take care of herself, thank you very much, not that it was necessary. Aunt N then told NHS that it was exactly this sort of exaggeration and outright lies that was a large part of the reason for the problems in our family. NHS responded that she, NM and the stepjerk weren't the ones with the problem in that area! Obviously that leaves only me, as usual. Then NHS set out to try and convince aunt N that she didn't understand the depth of my "mental problems". HA!!! (Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Projection, anyone?)

When that didn't work either, NHS finished by saying that aunt N should be careful, for herself as well as her family, because I was dangerous and the supposed evidence as far as NHS is concerned is that I "destroyed her life" and her family. WTH she's talking about, I have NO idea as I can't think of anything I've done to her. Sure, I've called her names and we've had normal sibling spats and stuff like that - I'm not saying I'm an angel here, we've had our differences over the years - but destroying her life and family? That's awfully strong verbiage, don't you think? Not to mention a tad over-dramatic. Proves what a mental case wackadoo NHS is though when the closest thing "wrong" I can think of that I did was insist she have her step son checked out by a professional when I suspected he may be being sexually abused.

At any rate, aunt N said to me, "It was like you have supernatural powers or something and I ought to go out and buy a voodoo doll to protect myself and my family!"

If nothing else, it was good for many laughs between dh and I last night. Dh was working on a painting in his studio and I burst in and said, "Run for your life! Save yourself! Save your children! Here comes.........THE SCOURGE!!!" Then I laughed an evil, maniacal laugh at which point dh and I burst into hysterics.

At least NHS' antics are good for something!


  1. DA, you make me smile! Seriously though, don't you wonder how any of us turned out even remotely sane, let alone with a sense of humor?

    Hugs, mulderfan

  2. Mulderfan, I always say the same thing! Even my friends who I share my life story with end up saying to me "it's a miracle you aren't crazy!!". haha. It is a miracle.

    I think we developed our sense of humor as a defense mechanism on some subconscious level and for that, I am eternally grateful! I wouldn't trade it for anything.