Sunday, June 20, 2010

Update to the situation with NM and my stuff...

Dh was on the phone earlier when NM rang on the call waiting. She said she had the rest of my stuff ready and could dh come and pick it up today? Dh said that was fine as we had plans to go over his parents today and he could swing by and pick it up.

So dh dropped ds and I off at his P's house and then went off with BIL to NM's where he found a box of my stuff sitting on the front porch. He rang the bell several times but no one answered. SJ's truck was in the driveway but the garage was all closed up so he couldn't tell if NM's car was inside or not. Didn't hear any sound from inside so we don't know if they were out with NHS and BIL for Father's Day or sitting inside and ignoring dh or what.

NM gave back several small pieces of copper I'd said she could have. Most of my good pieces of copper were in there except the three frying pans. I can't help but wonder if she deliberately set them outside on the front porch minus the pans so that if I said anything about them missing she could claim she put them in there and they must have been stolen or something or what.

One thing I can't figure out, why go to the trouble of calling dh to see if he could come back today to get the rest of the stuff and then not be home? Was SJ bitching about wanting my stuff out of HIS house? Did NM just want to be rid of the last traces of me? What? These things plague my mind despite my efforts not to think about it all. As does the question of where they were. Were they all out at a restaurant with NHS and BIL and their kids playing "happy family" minus me? Celebrating finally being rid of me? Wish I could stop thinking about it...

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  1. Wow, DA, I totally sympathize with the feeling of having a hamster wheel of emotions running around in your head! I'm just glad you got most of your stuff back and DH was not bothered in anyway by SJ. So glad you managed to avoid the situation and are safe.

    Be patient with yourself and hopefully one day soon you can let it go and say, "F**K 'em!"

    Hugs, mulderfan