Friday, June 4, 2010

Wanted to take a break from the usual...

..and give some props to my wonderful, loving husband who is working hard this weekend at the Heroes Convention in Charlotte meeting all his fans and selling his artwork. Sucks not having him home with us and ds and I miss him lots but we're so proud of him!

If anyone wants to check him out, here is a link to the convention info and here is a link to his website.

Here are just a couple examples of his amazing work:

(Couldn't get the pics to show up right so I'll just post the links!)

A loving, supportive, handsome man who is a talented artist too? Yessiree, I've got it made.


  1. Wonderful stuff. Glad you have such a talented and supportive artist in your life! You do have it made DA!

  2. You are married to man who draws male & female "superheros" for a living? Oh my! You do know you are already a superhero for him I am sure! That is awesome!

    This resonates for me because my own DH loves the superhero's...all of them...I am sure he grew up replacing his own parent's with any combination of alternatives!

    I tell my son all the time to pick a girl somedday that can be a superhero...

    Your blog continues to speak to me...thank you so very much for sharing!