Monday, May 9, 2011

Aww. Poor NSM...

LOL Got a wonderful email from my dear HS yesterday. Apparently, her mother (NSM) called her and wanted to know if she'd spoken to me recently. Here's the basic gist of their conversation... 

NSM: Have you talked to DA lately?

HS: Yes.

NSM: DA just has so much anxiety and we decided it would be best if we didn't go visit her when we were down there, blah blah blah...

HS: (Interrupting NSM's ranting) Well YOU guys cause her anxiety with your comments! You do the same thing with dear bf and I when you are here. You drive us all crazy!

NSM: (Angry) I don't want to talk about this anymore! I have to go!

HS: (Just kept right on talking.) I mean, geez! You guys only see DA like maybe once a year. Couldn't you have just respected her wish to stay at her house?

NSM: That's what we do EVERY time we are there...stay at her house!

HS: SO WHAT??!! It's ONCE A YEAR!!! Dear bf and I do the same thing every time we come to visit you, all we do is sit around at Grandma's house but it's only twice a year so I don't say anything because, in all, it's not that big a deal.

NSM: Well that's different!!! ....

HS: (Cutting NSM off again.) How is it different?!

NSM: (Random ranting/complaining or, should I say, excuse making?)

HS: (Interrupting again.) WHY do you bring up this stuff and try to talk to me about things like this if you are just going to shut me down the minute I say something you don't agree with?

NSM: I didn't ask for your OPINION, I only asked if you'd talked to her!


LOL Poor NSM. Calls her daughter up, fishing for information to feed her N supply and instead she's held to the fire by my wonderful HS! HA HA!! I told dh and we just had a good laugh over it all. Dh said, "See what happens when you remove yourself from the equation and refuse to take the bait or play her stupid games? She's going CRAZY wanting a big, fat hit of DRAMA and YOU aren't giving it to her!!"

I give it another week, two tops, and I'll be hearing from NSM in some fashion. Either that or NF will send me another email or try to call me up. Their "need to feed" (aka, their need for their precious N supply) won't allow them to stay away for long.

I hate it for them (okay, not really!) but they aren't going to find any N supply here! :o)

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