Monday, May 2, 2011

Made a decision re: NSM and NF...

And my decision is to do nothing at this time. Yes, it would feel good to stick it to them and speak my mind BUT....all it would get me is more drama and negativity. I'm just at a point in my life right now that I just don't want or need anymore drama. I just want to move on with my life and try and put as much of this crap behind me as possible.

At any rate, as dh says, I'll still have ample opportunity to have my say as he believes - as do I - that NSM and NF are not going to just fade away as NM did. No, they are going to continue to harass me and be in my face and try to bully me into contacting them again. Dh sayd that the way it will probably go is that I'll ignore and ignore and ignore until I finally can't stand it anymore and then I'll tell them both off and that will be that, but at least then it will be all on THEM as I will have given them MORE than enough opportunity to go away quietly and peacefully. LOL

That being said, so far, not so much as a peep from NSM or NF. It's possible NF may try to call this coming weekend for Mother's Day but I doubt it. More likely they're going to wait and see if I call NSM or send a car to her for the holiday and when I don't, THEN the drama will ensue. Oh well. They can bring it on because THIS DoNM has ZERO intention of backing down anymore! ;o)


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  1. Resting is good. Sounds like you and DH have plenty on your agenda. Enjoy the peace. :)