Thursday, August 11, 2011


ANOTHER fucking stupid email forward?! Really?? Really??!! 

Yep. Just got another stupid email forward from NM, this one titled "Really COOL Pictures!". Admittedly, the pics were really neat but that's obviously not the point. I am so freaking DONE. She wants to play her stupid mind games and act like a bitch, so be it. Let her find someone else to play with.

Looks like it's back to NC for me. (Yay!)


  1. Hmm. Maybe you could change your email address?

    It's a hassle to do, but then she could no longer contact you that way.

    Plus, she'd be pissed if her crummy chain-letter emails started getting sent back to you. That's not the point of doing it...but it might be a nice perk.

    Just a thought.

  2. @ Jonsi - I'll probably just wind up blocking her email again. That way, I see nothing from her and she is none the wiser, thinking I'm just not answering her or responding to anything she sends. LOL ;)

  3. gee, looks like she has honored you a place on her listserve. goodie goodie. apparently, you've earned it! yay!

  4. Have you ever gotten a bounce-back e-mail from when you sent somebody an e-mail but it didn't get through for whatever reason? What I like to do is copy an e-mail like that, change the e-mail addresses in the body of the e-mail, and send it as a reply to the unwanted e-mail. It looks like their e-mail never got through but you still get to keep your address open for all your other contacts. hahaha...

  5. @Motherless Child...That is brilliant. I know those emails. Easy to get one sent to yourself by sending an email to an address you know doesn't work.
    I stopped contact with a friend because she believed in forwarding everything she got. So much just didn't matter to me. I ended up changing emails and I just didn't give her the new address. Changing emails is not the top of the list but it is an option and most emails you can export your contacts to the new email. A pain but not impossible.