Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh good grief!!! WHY??!!

Just heard back from my HS. Remember a few days ago when NSM told me HS was having a test for her lymphedema that was supposedly THE single most excruciatingly painful test known to all of mankind? (At least I think I posted about that here! LOL) Well surprise, surprise. Turns out NSM is full of shit!

The test HS is having is called a "lymphoscintigraphy". Quite simply, it involves a radioactive dye being injected and then taking a series of x-rays over the course of a few hours. The goal is to try and see where the blockage is in the lymph system that's causing all the swelling. Aside from an uncomfortable needle stick, it's not painful at all, according to people who've had it done.

But the lying doesn't stop there, oh no! NSM also told me that my NEF was supposed to spend the day with my HS (at her request supposedly) due to the fact that it was supposed to be so "trying" on HS, what with the high levels of "excruciating pain and all". *eye roll* According to HS, not only did she NOT request that my NEF go with her, she says that her bf is supposed to be going with her and so she doesn't need either of them there at all unless something with her plans falls through and her bf has to go into work unexpectedly, in which case she asked NSM to be on stand-by.

So, basically, NSM lied about EVERYTHING. What I don't get is WHY? What's the point? I can maybe see lying if there's some gain but what's the supposed gain in this scenario? As far as I can tell, there is none.

Honestly, these N's are so STUPID sometimes!


  1. The only thing I can think is that it makes your parents sound so caring and thoughtful to have your father by her side during the test. Other than that, I have no idea why she would lie so dramatically!

  2. Ns are hopeless, relentless drama-llamas. Maybe lying about the procedure, magnifying it all out of proportion, simply feeds their sense of importance and "me-me-me"? Even if it's not their procedure, if they become the Town Cryer they still get their attention fix.

    Just a guess.

  3. You know, I've seen Ns lie about what they had for lunch. There is no apparent reason for a lot of their lies. I often have wondered how in the heck can they keep all of their lies straight?
    Ns, however, do LOVE to use illnesses (real and imaginary) of their own AND of other people to just sympathy or to enable them to appear as a Super Hero. My guess is that lying about being there for the test made them feel Super Hero-ish. And also, reporting falsely that sis ASKED him to be there made them feel like the benevolent Savior. Think of all of the people they could tell that to, afterall. What a sick bunch of people.

  4. Honestly, these N's are so STUPID sometimes!


    Their webs of logic are so fucked up it's like they're drunk spiders weaving some of the weirdest webs you've ever seen...