Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another installment of NSM being a bitch...

Was lying in bed this morning when the phone rang. I answered and it was NSM. We chatted briefly and then she asked what was up and mentioned that I sounded stressed. I told her, yes, that I was stressed, mainly due to DS being sick but also due to the new stress of having to find a way to come up with enough money to purchase a second car months sooner than we'd anticipated. I should have known not to expect any sympathy from her.

Her "magical solution" was to tell us to go buy a used Vespa for dh to drive back and forth to work. Seriously?? Dh drives 25 - 30 minutes to work one way each day and has to travel a busy, six lane highway for a large part of that trek. And what about the days when the weather would be bad, which is often this time of year where we live?

I told her that wouldn't work for us and that dh would likely get a second job on the weekends for now to save up some money. NSM's response was a snarky comment that, "A Vespa would be cheaper." I said that the alternative would be that I'd have to get up at 5am in order to get DS and I ready in time to take dh to work. NSM said snottily, "Well you have to do what you have to do! I had to do that when your dad worked at the fire department you know. I had to get all three of you kids up and get you ready and then drop your dad off at work so that I could have the car and then do it again the next morning to pick him up." This, of course, was said in that condescending, N tone that's made to let you know that you are a stupid, immature, SPOILED, selfish little girl who needs to grow up and stop acting like such a disappointing child. I'm sure you all know exactly what I'm talking about.

Moving on, she says that she spoke with my sister last night. I asked how she was and mentioned that I'd sent her an email about the cabinets several days ago and still not heard back from her. Not hearing back from my sister almost right away is unusual as she usually gets back to me within two days, tops, and it had been over a week at this point. According to NSM, my sister and her bf have decided to put off tearing out the old kitchen cabinets until the first week of May which, coincidentally, is just two weeks after my NSM and dad will be in town here. When I didn't say anything, NSM then added that she and my dad had supposedly discussed the cabinet situation and felt that they likely wouldn't be able to fit them in the car anyway so, either way, it was a no-go.

The whole thing REEKED of BS to me. Every built-in BS detector in my body was sounding off it's alarm. Is it possible that my sister and her bf really have decided to put off the renovation until the first week of May? Sure. But it's a hell of a lot more likely that NSM is full of it, especially since she's been opposed to the idea from day one. The second I told her she immediately set to saying that she didn't know if the car they rented would accommodate the cabinets, etc. Basically, she was trying to get out of it from the get-go. 

What pisses me off is that, yet again, my P's insist on LYING instead of just telling me the truth. Had NSM just said, for example, that they had a lot to do in the two weeks leading up to their visit what with getting their two elderly mothers set up in assisted living, etc. and that it just wasn't realistic to take a 4 hour round-trip detour to my sister's to pick up the cabinets before coming here, I'd have been disappointed but I could have taken that. Instead, I get some obvious BS story about the renovation being put off until two weeks after their trip down here and then the same flimsy excuse about how the car they rent might not be able to fit the cabinets, etc. And that's the real issue here - my anger is less about not getting the stupid cabinets than it is that I was lied to yet again by my P's. They are always saying how smart I have always been and still am yet they apparently think I'm stupid enough to buy their ridiculously transparent lies or, at the very least, not deserving of getting the truth. 

So anyways, I make a comment that I guess I'll just have to fore-go the storage I had been needing and NSM says, "Can't your FIL build you some cabinets or shelving or something?" I said, "With what money??? I spent the money I had set aside for shelving on much needed clothing when dad said he would bring me those cabinets. Yes, my FIL could build me something but I'd have to purchase the supplies and I don't have the extra money now." NSM just snorted something that was intended to be an "Oh well."

Am seriously SO freaking pissed off right now. I'm actually thinking of calling up my dad and asking him point blank what is up with the cabinets because first he says he can bring them, then NSM finds out and immediately sets to poo-poo'ing the idea and now I'm apparently not getting them. That would only cause more drama with NSM though and I so do not feel like putting up with her crap anymore. 

Seriously, the very next time she calls and mentions only getting down here one day, I'm going to say to her, "Ya know what NSM? I'll make it even easier on you, you don't have to come here at all since it's obviously such a huge imposition on your precious time with your friends. Quite frankly, I don't WANT you to come anymore. So don't worry about taking time out of your precious and 'desperately needed' relaxation time with your friends to bother with coming to visit us for a few hours. Just stay there and enjoy your stupid vacation." *click* Bitch.

As for my dad, I'm about ready to say to hell with him too. The cabinets were HIS idea. I didn't ask about them, he suggested it to me and said he could bring them down. And now, because his stupid wife can't be bothered to do me a simple favor, he's cow-towing to her will and letting her have her way again just to keep the peace so she doesn't come down on him. To the point that he's going to allow her to dictate that he can't come see his own firstborn daughter for more than a few hours on one stinking day of a 10 day long vacation just because SHE doesn't want to and/or can't be bothered. If their stupid friends are that freaking important to them then FINE, they can spend ALL their time with THEM. 

I hope they both have explosive diarrhea the entire time they're here! HA! 


  1. I'm laughing:D Ha Ha Ha. And surely you meant you hope they have explosive diarrhea the entire time they are THERE AT THEIR FRIENDS' HOUSE, right:D (not *here*)

    You deserve a lot better treatment than your P's are giving you. Baffling behavior. Why do so many grown ups WANT to live such shi**y lives?

    Hope you happen on some great FREE storage units. Check the streets near you. Isn't that where you found your most recent great antique piece of furniture?:D

  2. @ Jasmine - LOL Actually when I said "here", I meant here in town which would include THERE at their friend's house! And considering NSM has some kind of stomach thing that flares up all the time - she claims it's a gluten allergy yet, despite eliminating gluten from her diet, she still has bad flare ups - it's a good possibility! :)

  3. Always baffles me how someone offers something then makes a big deal about the imposition. I hope you find some super storage units somewhere else. Hoping for a better day tomorrow.