Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Had to share some exciting news...

Just had to share some exciting news (especially since you never know when NFOO may be lurking!). As some of you may know from past posts, my husband is a very talented artist. He's had some minor published jobs so far with small, independent individuals. Well, that may soon change as my hubby has received an email from none other than MARVEL comics recently! Nothing concrete yet but he's been invited to "audition" for them by doing some faux cover work. They're obviously interested in the work he submitted a while ago, hence why they contacted him with this opportunity. We are SO hoping and praying that this works out for him. Please keep us in your prayers or good thoughts (or whatever your preference) that this turns into a great opportunity for him!

On a bit of a side note, when I told my aunt N about this, she was super excited and said she wouldn't let it leak to N FOO yet because she didn't want to "jinx the good ju ju" but that as soon as dh was published, she planned to buy up multiple copies and make sure they made their way to NFOO! HA! Gotta love aunt N!


  1. This is wonderful. Congratulations. Hoping that all goes well.

  2. That is wonderful news, DA! Keep us posted!