Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Test results and more stress...

And the results are.........NOT PREGNANT! Whew!! At least that's one worry off my mind. I did forget to mention another worry in my post yesterday though. My soon-to-be-5-years-old ds has been having some speech issues with minor stuttering recently. It started a couple years ago and, at the time, the pediatrician said it was normal for his age being that he was really just beginning to fully talk, etc. However, over the past couple of years, it's gotten worse and is now more interspersed throughout his sentences. He's also unable to make proper "R" and "L" (they come out more like W sounding) which he should apparently be able to do at his age. I found out through his preschool teacher that the state offers free evaluations for city residents and, after much preparation and paperwork, I took him to be evaluated.

After the first evaluation, which checked all areas of development, they felt there was enough of an issue with his speech to warrant a more thorough evaluation focusing specifically on speech. So it was back to the place for another evaluation last week. As it stands now, they feel there is a definite issue and he will begin speech therapy in the next couple of weeks.

That is stressful enough on me (while not super serious and, I'm told, easily fixed, one still never likes to know there's something wrong with their baby), but because dh and I only have one car, I now have the added stress of trying to arrange transportation on those extra days that we'd normally be able to stay home. *sigh*

I've been on the phone half the morning with MIL and dh trying to figure something out. For the next two months, I will still have access to MIL's car. However, my SIL is due in early June at which point MIL will no longer work because she'll be taking over full-time child care duties for my BIL and SIL as her new job. MIL not working means no more use of her car. 

Which brings dh and I to having to figure out what to do. Our options are a) I wake up at 5am every morning in order to have enough time to get ds and I ready to take dh to work....OR...b) we somehow come up with enough money to buy a second car. With me not working - and unable to work at this time due to this damned anxiety issue - that likely means dh taking on a second job to make ends meet which means we - ds and I - get to see even less of him than we already do. Poo.

On the bright side, dh says that FIL broached the subject with him last weekend while he was there for SIL's baby shower and that, by the way FIL was talking, dh highly suspects that FIL is planning on helping us with the purchase of a new car. Am praying my behind off that it works out that way. I don't like to assume or expect my IL's to help us out but it would be super dee duper awesome if they volunteered cause we could sure use it right now!

Edited to add, I just got up to go open the front door to see what the weather was like outside and, as I opened the door, the little ball part sticking out from the "loop lock" on our door hit me in the forehead. HARD. Oww!

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, a "loop lock" (which is what I call it) looks like this:

See that little ball-shaped thingy on the end of that one piece there? Well, I now have a similar shaped dent/bruise in the middle of my forehead. Thank goodness I have bangs and you can't see it that easily. Now if only the throbbing pain in my forehead would disappear as easily. :o(

*sigh* Really wishing I could just go back to bed today and not get back up till everything's less stressful again!

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  1. Bummer on the head dent. I can reassure you a little on speech stuff. 3 of my kids had speech therapy. Caught early it is easily corrected and often no indication of any other problem. Like you said juggling the car situation is an added stress. When already struggling with anxiety one more drop seems too much. You can do this a little at a time.