Friday, March 4, 2011

I don't care what dh says, I heard a tone...

So MIL was over today. Dh couldn't get off of work and ds had a doctor's appointment so MIL came over so we could use her car to get ds to his appointment.

We were all sitting around at home afterward and the phone rang. It was my new therapist returning my call to set up my first appointment (March 19th at 9am - ACK!!). After I hung up with him, I went into the living room where dh and MIL were and said to MIL to try and get that day off of work if she could as I really wanted dh to go with me as he is my "safe" person with regard to my anxiety. MIL says, "That won't work." Her reasoning is that that is the date of her niece's baby shower - which she's not attending - but it's also the day she planned to have a small, early baby shower for my SIL since extended family would be in town for the other shower already. (The second shower for SIL is a very small, informal affair and is being scheduled around the other one so as not to cause any conflict. Still, stealing her niece's thunder just for convenience sake does seem a bit N to me!)

At any rate, here's where the snarky tone comes in. After relaying the information above, MIL says (in that condescending, smart ass "tone" that all us DoNM's are familiar with), "But if your thing is more important...", the unspoken meaning being that my thing clearly is NOT more important. I didn't take the bait and said simply, "Could you pick up ds earlier that day and then dh and I could come by after and get him?" Obviously pissed that I didn't take the bait, MIL said, "Yes. I suppose I could do that."

*rolling eyes* 95% of the time, my MIL is a dear but times like today - being that other 5% - she can be a real bitch!

Of course, dh says I'm imagining things, that there was no "tone" at all, but I don't care. I KNOW what I heard and even if I was unclear as to the tone, I think the major CBF on her face said it all! (That would be "cat butt face" for those who aren't in the know. It's a term to describe that pursed lipped, sour puss face that MIL's and NM's make to voice their disapproval at us.)

Think perhaps it's time to take a couple days off again...


  1. I'm looking at my fluffy black cat as I read " butt face." How hillarious :D Simply PURRRFECT ;)

  2. CBF is a new term for me but so describes that look. WOW. I agree with you that you get to decide if the tone of voice is there. Plus I have learned that picking up on body language is an important survival skill. Good for you for listening to yourself.