Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NM just rang...

Was on the phone long distance when I heard the beep that signals an incoming call. I looked at caller ID and was a bit surprised to see it was NM calling. I had planned to let the machine get it but it never got to that point - NM rang only twice and then hung up. MIL says that she thinks NM chickened out! LOL

I wonder just what she's up to now. DS' bday is coming up in about a month and if I remember correctly, she started pestering me about this time last year. Of course, then I was only NC for a couple months and it's now been over a year. If she's expecting to be allowed to drop off a gift for DS or come to his party, she's even crazier than I think she is.

The good news is that I was barely phased by the whole thing where I thought I'd have been stricken with momentary panic and anxiety. Instead, it was more of a feeling of, "Hmm. That's interesting."

Guess we'll have to wait and see if she calls back or emails me. If she's going to be starting back up with her crap again, it may just be time for that formal NC letter to be sent...

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  1. Interesting place to be in. I discovered the same type of feeling recently. I was able to visit NM without feeling obligated to do anything for her. Peace arrived and I am enjoying it.