Sunday, April 10, 2011


Just found out that dh's GM's funeral will be held on Tuesday. Since NSM and my dad had planned to come that day - and since I refuse to be here alone by myself with them what with dh being so far away - I called NSM up and asked if they could make it tomorrow instead. NSM acted all bitchy and put out, cut me off mid-sentence as I was talking and said she'd have to call me back. So she calls back a few minutes later and we establish a good time for them to get here. This involves me telling her what would be a good time for ME and her telling me when SHE wants to be here. Then NSM asks if I'll be up to going out to eat and all and I said, "I'm not sure. Like I told you, my stomach..." at which point she cuts me off and says to me, ready for this?, "Well you don't have to eat!" Are you freaking KIDDING me??!! The narcissistic, unabashed GALL of this woman!!!

She then goes on to say that dad looked up the restaurant and it's only 20 minutes away. I told her it WOULD be if it weren't for the traffic. NSM says, "Well we'll be going in the afternoon." and I responded that it doesn't matter what time of day you go really. That area is just down the street from the local university and it is ALWAYS busy with traffic, hence it will actually take more like 35 - 40 minutes to get there.

Then NSM goes, "Well is there anyplace FUN near by you then?" and I said, "I don't know really as we don't generally go out much." She went on to say that SHE wants to take ds out. She even stressed it exactly that way, "Well *I* want to take ds out someplace. I want to go out!"

UGH!! Curse this stupid fear I have that makes me unable to tell her what I really think - that I don't WANT to go out and, therefore, WE WON'T BE GOING OUT!

Dh is going to practice with me later so I'm prepared to be strong and stand my ground tomorrow. My hope is that maybe if I've rehearsed it a bunch of times with dh, it will feel more natural to me tomorrow and the fear won't prevent me from standing my ground with NSM.

My back-up plan is to tell her when she calls in the morning that I woke up early that morning not feeling well and have a fever and, out of concern for them, since I don't want them to get sick and ruin their wonderful vacation, that they'd better just stay away and I guess we'll just have to see them next time. :o)

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  1. Hurray to DH for practice. I so understand how you feel. I am sorry NSM is being herself. I hope the practicing works for you. Plan B sounds good too. As for her comment about you not eating...Are you Kidding me? I know your not but WOW just WOW. I am impressed that you didn't slam down the phone right then and there. Good luck tomorrow.